Learn Boxing & Take Your Fitness to New Heights (with Confidence!)

Are you interested in learning boxing (while becoming EXTREMELY fit) within 60 to 90 days? With our brand new "Ranked & Personalised Boxing Training System", we will get you into fighting shape (FAST!) by providing you with a system that is entirely unique to you! So, no matter how old you are, or what your current fitness level or boxing proficiency is, our boxing classes have you covered! 

Let's Talk About You!

We often come across these three common problems you can somehow relate;

  • You'd love to learn boxing but just can't find the right gym to learn it from.
  • As a hardcore martial artist & fitness enthusiast, it's hard to find training that is fun, yet challenging enough for you.
  • Losing weight, gaining muscle, and staying fit & healthy can be a struggle for you (especially when the process of getting there isn't enjoyable at all!)


Whichever one you are currently facing with, we understand your pain. It's your struggles that compelled us to build this gym six years ago. It's your frustrations that inspired us to share "Boxing Fitness for Everyone!" And it's the support from people like you that made us who we are today!


In a few swipes (and scrolls) away, we're going to share with you the "3 Key Principles" every boxing training must have! We're also going to give you a "sneak peak" of the training systems we've been secretly developing over the past couple of months (PLUS an exclusive BONUS of the "Behind the Scenes Experts" that came up with this incredible training systems)
Without further ado, let's dive into...

Discover these “Three Key Training Principles” ever boxing training must have!

Believe it or not, but the “Fundamentals” are KING!

If you really want to step up your boxing game in 90 days, you gotta train, train, and TRAIN… Lots! And this means “doubling down” on the fundamental aspects of boxing


The best way to do that is “Technical Sparring.” With this training method, our fellow boxers are forced to get better at reading, anticipating, and formulating different counters & attacks against their opponents!   


This style of training is so effective; even our complete newbies can become pros at it in 90 days (tops!). 


We guarantee that if you stick to this training method consistently, you’ll analyse your opponents quicker, more precisely, and thus gain an unfair advantage against your peers in both offence and defence. 


Boredom is NOT THE ANSWER!

Let’s face it! Now one wants to punch heavy bags 24/7. Besides, no one said training specifically for boxing has to be boring. The key here is mixing and matching your boxing routines with TONS of other fun (yet challenging) training methods! This is crucial if you want to master boxing (while developing a well-rounded physique and fitness base) 


This is the reason why we handpicked the best types of training out there, and compile them into our very own “Cross-Training Workout System.” This training system has a few key elements that comprise of each of these training methods below: 

  • Speed & Agility drills for a faster footwork!
  • Stability & Core training for an UNSHAKABLE foundation, and a “Rock Hard” Core!
  • Endurance & Boxing Specific Conditioning drills to outlast your opponents in the ring!
  • Power & Strength training for Insane muscle definition and durability!
  • And many others!

Putting it ALL TOGETHER!

Have you heard of “High-Intensity Interval Training” before? Assuming you did, our brand new training concept; “High-Intensity Integrated Circuit Training (HIICT)” is basically HIIT on steroids


This is when we blend the fundamentals and the best training variables out there into one PERFECT system! It’s boxing, sparring, speed & agility, resistance training, cross-training and other types of training methods combined! (All into one EXTREME Circuit). But don’t be discouraged! It’s more fun than it’s perceived difficulty (trust us!) 


The best thing about it is; you’ll be working every last bit muscle fibre in your entire body! So, not only will you torch stubborn body fat, but also sculpt lean muscles and get into boxing shape fast

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"Technical Sparring" in Action!


You tryna mess with our boys? Watch out! They'll weave, bob and take you head out in split seconds! That's what tonights "Technical Sparring Routine" is all about! (Assuming you've watch the entire video and paid attention!)

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Take a Deep Breath, and Dive Deep into our “Five Extreme Training Packages”

Introducing our “Ranked Boxing Training System”

In this comprehensive training system, we included 3-Brand NEW Boxing Classes that are entirely unique to you! Each boxing classes vary in difficulty, complexity, specificity (based on your age, fitness level, martial art/boxing background, and so on). Here are the THREE distinct categories;



  • Who says kids can’t box? We provide a fun & enjoyable training environment for kids who are interested in learning boxing. 


Beginners & Novice

  • In this ranked boxing class, we will help you develop an excellent fitness base and build up your technical proficiency in boxing. (All in which to prepare you for harder and more complex boxing routines in the later phases)
  • Never boxed before? Totally clueless of the fundamental aspects of boxing? If so, you’re a novice, period! (Or ideally, it’s for individuals who are completely new to boxing or fitness)


Amateurs & Pro

  • In this boxing class, get ready to find out what “Technical Sparring” and “HIICT” is really all about. It’s gonna be hard, it’s gonna challenging, but we promise you it’ll be incredibly fun! This is definitely something to look forward to!
  • Have a solid foundation in boxing? Been training boxing consistently for 1-6 months now? Already have an excellent fitness base? If yes, you’re an Amateur! (Or ideally, it’s for those who already have a good foundation in boxing and fitness)
  • Been boxing consistently for over 6 months? Mastered the boxing fundamentals? If so, you’re a Pro! (Or ideally, it’s for “hardcore” martial artist and individuals who already have a solid foundation in boxing for at least 6 months



WARNING: Do not attempt to take on this training system if you aren’t looking to get EXTREME results!


To all you hardcore veteran boxers and extreme martial artist! We CHALLENGE you to take on our BONUS: ELITE Boxing Training System! In this elite boxing package, you’ll be training 6x a week in any boxing classes of your choice! This means that you’ll be getting twice the practice, twice the variety and DOUBLE the results! (As a result, you’ll have an unfair advantage in boxing prowess over anyone else!) 



Personalized Boxing Training!

Get ready to take your Fitness and Boxing Skills from “average joe” to absolute PRO!


With our PT Classes, you’ll get the privilege of training “one-on-one” with our best boxing instructors, and receive  “insider expertise” from them on how to step up your boxing game! But that’s not all! They’ll personally help you to speed up your learning curve in boxing, formulate your unique boxing combos and help you discover your signature punch!


Whatever your boxing and fitness goals are this year, our personalized training classes will get you there fast!

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"HIICT Training System" in Action!

Are you slow and weak?... This insane boxing circuit is enough to kick the panties off those weak links of yours!
(And double your speed & power in no time!).

It's hard, we know... But it's worth it (and we LOVE it!)

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Meet the Family Experts in Boxing!

Coach Amir Asanov

Being a champion of Kyrgyzstan and many the other leading boxing tournaments in his country, Amir Asanov always dreamt of being a boxing coach, and to share his knowledge & expertise to whomever who wants to achieve mastery in the sport. In addition to that, he also wishes to integrate boxing with lifestyle & fitness as well. Hence forth, his new motto, “Boxing Fitness for Everyone” was born!


His dynamic blend of Soviet & Kyrgyzstan Style Boxing would definitely benefit those who seriously want to take their boxing skills to the next level!

Coach Kalen Asanov

Father of Coach Amir and 3-Star AIBA Boxing Coach from Kyrgyzstan, Coach Kalen had a robust career in boxing during his youth. With hard work and perseverance, he successfully achieved a title of Master of Sports of Soviet Union in 1978. Later in his career, he became an official coach with the National Boxing Teams of Kyrgyzstan and Malaysia, in which he delivered solid tracks of success for both of them in the Asian, World Championship Tournaments and even the Olympic Games!


After his retirement, he continues his journey of sharing his in depth knowledge, expertise and experience in boxing to whomever who plainly wants to learn boxing, or even take their boxing status up to a whole higher level.

Official Boxing Match 2017


We have given you everything you need to know about us, what the core principles of a successful boxing routine are, and a little bit about how what we have to offer & how we can help you. The truth is... Everything here is nothing words. To fully take grasp what we're saying, you gotta experience it for yourself!


At the end of the day, by no means can we make you take an interest in us. Only "YOU" can convince yourself! It's your decisions, your choices that shape your destiny. And it's "Your Choice" to join us and be part of our family TODAY!!!

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